The Guardian Council

The Guardian Council has three constitutional mandates: a) it has veto power over legislation passed by the parliament (Majles); b) it supervises elections; and c) it approves and disqualifies candidates seeking to run in local, parliamentary, presidential, and Assembly of Experts elections. The council consists of twelve members: six constitutional law experts and six experts of Islamic law.

This section features the decisions and opinions of the Guardian Council on legislation passed by the parliament from the first parliament to the seventh (1980-2008); opinions on constitutional questions (1980-2010); the negotiations and debates in the Guardian Council in 1359 and 1360 (1980 – 1982); a declaration issued by the Guardian Council relating to the disputed 2009 election (the Council’s defense of the accuracy of the vote tally); and the Guardian Council’s statement on the 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA).


– The Research Center of the Guardian Council