Law for Dissolving the National Basij into the Revolutionary Guards

Article 1: From the date this law is passed, the National Basij (of the Abased) Organization, which was formed according to the legal bill passed on 59.4.19 [July 10, 1980] by the Revolutionary Council, shall be dissolved into the Revolutionary Guards as the Unit of the Basij of the Abased. Responsibility for administering and commanding it shall be turned over to the Revolutionary Guards.

Article 2: The Revolutionary Guards are obliged to organize relations between the Unit of the Basij of the Abased and the entire Revolutionary Guards within a space of one month from the passing of these bylaws and present it for ratification to the Islamic Consultative Council in accordance with Article 74 of the Constitution.

Article 3: All credit and resources that governmental and nongovernmental organizations and individuals have placed at the disposal of this organization shall be placed at the disposal of the Revolutionary Guards.

The above law, containing three articles, has been ratified by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on Sunday, the twenty-eighth of Dey in the year one thousand three hundred and fifty nine [January 18, 1981] and the esteemed Guardian Council has ratified it.