Online Research Databases

A. There are a variety of online databases that provide a depth of information regarding the humanities in Iran. The following two websites provide free access to numerous specialized journals published on a range of topics, including Literature and Languages, Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, History, Law, Economy, Sociology, and Art and Architecture. The sites also offer online subscriptions to various newspapers and private publications.

B. The Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM) has conducted a series of public opinion studies in Iran focused on questions regarding Iran’s nuclear program and Iranian foreign affairs, as well as on domestic political and economic matters. In conducting these studies, CISSM has collaborated with the Program for Public Consultation, the University of Tehran Center for Public Opinion Research, and

C. The Rijal Database, provides biographical information about prominent figures throughout the Middle East. The database is maintained by Sadegh Kharazi and can be accessed here:

D. The following website provides data on political participation of Iranians gathered by online surveys before, during and after the 2013 presidential election.

E. The following website allows users to search and download books that have been banned in Iran, both past and present. The website’s goal is to promote free access to information and fight censorship in Iran.