Laws and Regulations

This section contains translations of selected legal documents, decrees and regulations pertaining to governmental and non-governmental organizations, the economy, civil society and the media, religious and secular education, and the clerical establishment.

Most of the documents are laws passed by the Iranian parliament (Majles) which were then reviewed and/or amended by the Guardian Council and sometimes also the Expediency Council (1988-). Others are government directives or regulations. Each legal document contains information regarding what type of regulation is being translated and which agency has issued it. The Persian original is  also posted at the bottom of each translation.

In addition to laws and regulations, this section also contains lists of the decrees, fatwas, and statements issued by the highest Iranian political authority, the Supreme Leader (Rahbar). This information is provided both for the first Supreme Leader, Khomeini (1979-1989), as well as his successor, Khamenei (1989-).

If you cannot find a document you are looking for, please use the search function, or email our webmaster to confirm that the document has not been translated yet.