2020 Parliamentary Election

 Eleventh Parliamentary Election

Date of Election2/21/2020
Number of Eligible Voters  57,918,159[1]
Number of Actual Voters  24,512,404[2]  
Voter Turnout Rate  42.57[3]  
Number of Precincts  208[4]  
Number of Candidates Needed290
Number of Candidates Registered to Run  16,145[5]
Number of Candidates Disqualified7,296[6]
Number of Candidates Approved to Compete in Elections  7,148[7]
Actual Number of Candidates Competing in Elections5,232[8]
Percentage of Candidates Who Actually Ran in Elections  32.4%
Number of Female Candidates Registered to Run    12% (1,937)

[1] https://bit.ly/375BjIV

[2] https://bit.ly/3c0yvR9

[3] https://bit.ly/3c0yvR9

[4] https://bit.ly/2T7Vh0Z. One precinct in West Azerbaijan was added to bring the total to 208 in 2020.

[5] https://www.radiozamaneh.com/478393

[6] https://bit.ly/2HiOvzQ

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