The Expediency Council

The Expediency Council (Majma’ Taškhīs Maṣlaḥat Nezām) was established in 1988 by decree of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader at the time. When the constitution was changed in 1989, the Council was integrated into the constitution. It has two functions: first, it functions as an expert council advising the Supreme Leader in all policy areas; second, it may function as a legislative body in the following manner: after the Guardian Council (which screens all legislation with regard to its constitutionality and its congruence with Islamic law per Art. 4) has vetoed a piece of legislation, the parliament (Majles) may decide with a 2/3 majority to send the legislative draft to the Expediency Council. The Council may then decide to pass the law in the version as forwarded by the Majles, or with the changes demanded by the Guardian Council, or in yet another version.

– Internal Bylaw of the Expediency Council

– Decisions made by the Expediency Council (until 2010-2011) 

Members of the Expediency Council 

– Membership of the Expediency Council 1367-1406 (in Persian)