“We should resist until all the issues are resolved” (April 8, 2010)

Mir Hossein Mousavi: “The establishment is facing such problems that its reflection is not limited only to the street protests, the issues and problems are much deeper than that. One of these issues is that the ruling powers think by preventing the street demonstrations the problems of protestors is resolved.”

Former members of the Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution fraction (reformist) in the parliament visited Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “This situation has completely interrupted the process of investment in the country as the future has become unpredictable, unlike a society like Japan in which investments by some families are two centuries old. In our society gaining quick profit has become the goal since there is no hope in the future and in this situation nobody goes after productive, long-term and job-creating investment; and isn’t the outcome of this situation more unemployment and more poverty?”

The average investment growth rate in the past five years has dropped to about 7 percent while according to the forth Development Plan legislation this must have been a growth rate of 12.2 percent a year and of course this growth rate should have been achieved by the administration with 82 billion dollars spending according to the yearly budget passed by the parliament but with spending of more than 220 billion dollars (2.7 times the approved budget) not only this didn’t happen but has even gone worse. Isn’t this a disaster?”

By referring to Ahmadinejad’s plans for eliminating subsidies, Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: “The main issue for the administration in execution of the plan for eliminating subsidies and all the ongoing fights [between the administration and the parliament] is getting the approval for spending billions to buy votes and nothing else. The reality and the official propaganda have made everyone suspicious about the official statistics announced and the news that inflation has dropped to 10.8 percent in the last year is seriously doubtful. All these show that termites of mistrust are eating the bases of the establishment and emptying it from inside.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi considered the unsuitable and partisan use of the values another sign for the public mistrust in the government and added: “Another sign that can be pointed out is the partisan and bad use of the values (Islam, the revolution and Imam) which causes unrest and conflict in the mind and spirit of the society. The way Imam Khomeini is introduced from the un-national media of IRIB (the state-run televisions and radios) and foreign media portrays an altered image of Imam for the young generation and what kind of impression people may have of Imam in this chaos?”

By referring to the government’s crack down near Lake Urmiya (North West of Iran) against the environment supporters, Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “The recent strange reaction to the people who had gone to Lake Urmiya to show support for the environment is another sign of this trend.”

He continued: “Or turning the cemetery into a military base [by bringing so many armed forces] on 1st of April (the anniversary of referendum after the revolution) or other cases [are other signs of this mistrust]. Can all problems be solved by securitizing or militarizing? They want to govern the establishment with the ruling of a cult which is not possible.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi added: “The truth is if the government had some proficiency in running the affairs, I would have accepted all the violations in the election so that the problems and issues of the country would have moved toward a resolution but we don’t even have this option and for instance the administration has been incapable of carrying out a single Aslavie project or in the foreign policy everyday there is a new problem and the situation is getting more critical. The way, the nuclear issue has been handled over the past year is the best example in this regard.”

By referring to the process of solving problems in political systems based on democracy, Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “In reasonable democratic political systems, it is tried to solve important and main problems of the country especially in the foreign affairs by reaching some sort of agreement by negotiations even with the critics and the opposition while we see that here in this matter there isn’t even any agreement in the present governing body and what does this show?”

Based on what he points out, Mir Hossein Mousavi concludes: “Based on this situation and these problems, I consider the unrestricted execution of the constitution as the demand and main focus of the Green movement and there needs to be more elaboration in the language of the Green movement. Several articles of the constitution that guaranty the rights of the nation have been forgotten (specifically the chapter of nation’s rights and article 168 regarding the ways of dealing with political and media offenses in open courts with the presence of juries) and if these are explained well there will be a general agreement in the movement.”

He continued: “The base of any change in the society is the birth of an idea and this idea has been born in our society and the thirst for change and reform has spread. People should be warned that the benefits of a few in some organizations stop them from caving easily to the demands of the movement and the people. Patience, meaning endurance, persistence and resilience on this path must be defined and [people should be told] that maintaining these very benefits prevent the legal actions against corruptions and corrupt public figures.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi portrayed the future of the Green movement this way: “We should offer and redefine clear ideas and show persistence and endurance in expanding them and find ways to run affairs more organized than before. The establishment and the government must be told that the least costly way to govern the country is freeing the activities of labor, social or other groups, media and organizations and not confronting and fighting them.”

He adds: “The Green movement should relate to all classes of the society and tells their problems: workers, teachers and others. The goal of the Green movement is making a better life for all and especially the poor and less fortunate classes of the society. We should defend both workers and employers in the society simultaneously and [explain] that the benefits of these two groups are tied together. The problems of our teachers’ community that includes a vast group and has an important and defining role in our social lives must be told and followed. Same thing goes for other groups and classes.”

The former candidate of the tenth presidential election expressed hope that: “My view and hope is that the governing party returns to the ruling of the constitution with all its articles and removes the security and militarized environment and opens the environment but if this does not happen we will have to stand because we love the establishment, the country and the revolution.”

He continued: “I ask this question if at the early days of the revolution the religious movement had been asked to kill people in order to get the power would anyone have accepted this? So we cannot be indifferent to this situation. The Green movement does not have many demands but it appears that even fulfilling this one demand (returning to the ruling of the constitution) is very difficult for them and therefore they make up stories to confront this movement and they themselves fall in the trap of their own stories and lies. With all this, we pray that the government comes out of this tight circle that it created for itself and the governing of the country returns to its suitable path and way.”

He advised the government that: “If they think that by continuing the same view and ideology country’s problems and issues can be solved, they are making a huge mistake and we should stand so that the problems and issues are resolved. People have paid a great cost so far and since they have a true and great goal, they are used to paying its cost. You can see [political] prisoners have become heroes for people and how they are welcomed by the people; and this shows the ineffectiveness of these actions in front of the movement and the demand of people. The correct solution is to return to the constitution and execute all its clauses completely.”

At the end, Mir Hossein Mousavi said: “The capacity of the political organizations that are active in the country is higher than this and they should be more active and give analyses, statements and etc, and have continuous contact with people so that with everyone’s effort, the society grows and progresses and a better future gets created.”

Speaker or Agency: Mir-Hossein Mousavi

Title: Mousavi: We should resist until all the issues and problems are resolved

Language: English and Persian

Western Date: 8 April 2010

Persian Date: 19 Farvardin 1389

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