The President on a visit to a meeting of educators (23 June 2009)

The society of educators is the trailblazer of society.  

The President recognized the society of educators and pioneers as a society and stated: “Educators and the society of educators are among the most revolutionary, compassionate and valuable classes of the country.”

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last night on a visit to a meeting of educators cited the recent presidential election of Iran as a new era in the life of the nation of Iran and said: “Iranian society must day by day become more thriving inside and out so that its efficiency and ability to move to towards zeniths [of greatness] will become greater.”

The President, continuing with the statement that with the recent presidential election in Iran the global heads of hegemony have been thrown off balance and set aside all diplomatic etiquette and are rashly voicing opinions, said: “The recent election showed that the fundament of the Islamic Revolution was a call from the depths of the heart of humanity against tyrannical rule over the world.”

Dr. Ahmadinejad, mentioning that respect, dignity, resources and prestige of some nations have disappeared because of imperialist governments, said: “The nation of Iran’s Islamic Revolution was a call and loud ‘no’ to the tyrannical black state of affairs.”  

He added: “The Islamic Revolution came in order to throw the tyrannical instruments of the world into disarray and it is natural that the bullies have not kept quiet at this time and for 30 years have continued battle with the nation of Iran, including the Imposed [Iran-Iraq] War, political pressure, and sanctions, but the nation of Iran endured the pressure and sanctions and sprouted from this foundation and today the Islamic Revolution has transformed into a robust and invulnerable tree.”

The President, with the statement that on the nuclear matter, the nation of Iran has smashed the  monopolizing hegemonic order, said: “Bullying powers aren’t afraid of the bomb, they want to smash the quintessence of the Revolution.”

He added: “They don’t want the nation of Iran to attain new science and technology for the same reason that they have monopolized science in order to better secure their own preeminence in the world, but the nation of Iran has with its own persistence broken this atmosphere and monopoly and opened the way for other nations of the world.”

Dr. Ahmadinejad meanwhile added: “On the nuclear issue this domination has been broken and all of you saw that they can’t do anything and the nation of Iran has attained [diverse] types of new science and technology despite all the pressure and threats.”

The President said: “Our belief is that in this election the dominance of liberal political thought was smashed and was taken out of their monopoly because the election of the nation of Iran created a level playing field that smashed this monopoly and hegemony of theirs.”

Dr. Ahmadinejad, with the statement that the participation of 85% of the nation of Iran in the recent election sent a heavy shock through the political atmosphere of the world, said: “In liberal democratic systems including America the people do not have freedom of choice because economic, media, and financial power is in the power of two parties but the leveling that was recorded in the recent election of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a brand new leveling for the world.”

The President, with the statement that in most places of the world parties and groups are victorious in elections, said: “In the recent election the great nation of Iran was victorious because elections in Iran are a noble affair and not just for show.”

He added: “Elections are the will of individuals of the nation of Iran and its aggregation into one national will that is unbreakable and brings dignity, power, and self-belief as a gift for the nation.”

Dr. Ahmadinejad, mentioning that in the election the collective soul of one nation becomes manifest, said: “The recent election of Iran will have decisive effects in the global equation.” He, with the statement that the tenth term of the presidential elections has upset the global equation, said: “Marxist and capitalist systems don’t have any message for the world but the nation of Iran has a new message for the world because it follows logical.”

The President, with the statement that Iran shook the world with the vote of 40 million of its own, said: “The power of the nation of Iran is a symbol and a display of the power of the Lord and we have no doubt that it will transform the world.”

Dr. Ahmadinejad continued with the statement that the world must be administered based on justice, saying: “We are in need of a global exchanges and commercial and political communications with the world but these systems of the world must change because they have their own political, cultural, and economic rules.”

The President, with the statement the imperialist powers have become angry because of Iran’s election, addressed them saying: “What right do you have to sit there and with the expression of opinion interfere in the internal affairs of the nation of Iran? The nation of Iran is a family; in the election we don’t have a loser; a nation is the winner.”

The President said: “God willing in this term we will defend the rights of the nation in the world even more according to the wishes of the nation of Iran, because we are a partner in the management of the world.”

He, addressing the bullies of the world, said: “Who are you that you make decisions for the nations of the world? How do you have the right of veto but [other] nations don’t have the right to speak? This is against logic.

Dr. Ahmadinejad, continuing on the nuclear subject, addressed the imperialist powers, saying: “The nation of Iran has given you an answer in various announcements, it is absolutely not talking to you about the nuclear issue and it wants to speak with you about the management of the world and this is the position of the nation of Iran that it would talk to you about participation in the management of global challenges and this principle has emerged from pure divine thoughts.”

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