Mousavi’s Response to the attack on Kalameh Sabz and other limitations imposed on the Iranian media (25 June 2009)

Mir Hossein Mousavi’s announcement number 7 regarding the illegal attack on Kalameh Sabz newspaper, and the limitations imposed on non-governmental media and their communication with the people. The complete announcement is below:

In the Name of God

Dear compatriots,

Following the excuses and repeated threats that had effectively stopped the printing of Kalameh Sabz newspaper after the presidential elections, they did not stop there, and on Monday night 1/4/88 the newspaper’s office was raided by security forces and its decent employees were arrested and sent to detention.

While the officials of the country and governmental media repeatedly emphasize the importance of the law and following the law, and those who object to the large scale cheating in elections are accused of breaking the law, this type of treatment of a newspaper that has received official permits, [and this kind of treatment of its] management, editors, reporters, and technical staff is beyond comprehension, unless one succumbs to the idea that for some, the rule of the law is acceptable so long as it is used to limit the opposition’s complaints, and for nothing else.

The breaking of the law takes place while serious limitations have been imposed on the rest of the media that used to connect me to the society, in addition to the non-governmental media and press, and the only open channel to get the news to the people is the news fabrication stream of national and governmental media, which unfortunately leads the society to seek news from foreign media.

These illegal confrontations, are based on an incorrect analysis of the prevalent conditions of the society by the government, and will open the door to foreign influence in the country’s affairs, and make any move with the goal of improving the society within the framework of the Islamic Republic’s system difficult.

While voicing my strong opposition to these illegal trends, I emphasize the constitutional right of the people of Iran to voice their objections with what has taken place in recent elections and since then, and I consider this right as their inalienable right based on this document of national understanding, and insist on its implementation.

Your brother and civil servant

Mir Hossein Mousavi

4 Yir 1388

7. Announcement of Mir Hossein Mousavi about the illegal attak on the office of “Kalemeh Sabz (The Green word” newspaper, and media boundary + “Abolfazl Fateh” the Chief Media and Promotion comittee detained of leaving the country.

Attention: You are the Media now. We must bring Irans voice to Iran and to the World. We belong to the world and the world belongs to us. Help bring our message around the world.

Speaker or Agency: Mir-Hossein Mousavi


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Western Date: 25 June 2009

Persian Date: 4 Tir 1388

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