Mousavi Talks of the Election on a Visit with the Medical Community (13 August 2009)


Mir Hossein Mousavi on a Visit with the Medical Community

We initiate the organization of “The Green Path of Hope” to take back the rights of people

On Thursday afternoon last week Mir Hossein Mousavi attended a meeting with members of the medical society in the office of The Islamic Association of Medical Society. The report of this visit, which comes below in detail, is made available to “Mowj-e-Sabz-e-Azadi” with contacts to management of GhalamNews website [the official website of Mousavi], who are facing some perturbation recently.


Mousavi said: “What conceptualized the protesting movement of the people and its expanding aspects is ignoring the law, dignity and the natural rights of citizens and unlawful behaviors.”

He, who was talking to the members of the Islamic Association of The Medical Society of Iran, added: “If they had taken a fair position instead of calling the people dust and dirt [a Farsi saying reflecting insignificance and negligibility, used by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a victory speech a few days after the election to refer to the protesters and those who objected the results of the election], humiliating them and making propaganda on the state television and if before people poured into the streets they had treated them within the framework of law and had respected their rights, today we wouldn’t have faced many of these crises. “

He also emphasized: “There is no regime like the Islamic Republic in the world and therefore protecting it is a difficult task.”

He added: “Our slogans during the election were chosen to fit the framework of the constitution and the principles that people believe in. Today, we are still committed to the same slogans and we are certain that if they had treated people’s demand with justice and if the propaganda agencies had tried to convince the public opinion with fair criticism and truthfulness instead of linking the spontaneous movements of people to the foreigners and showing the truth upside-down, it would have been to the benefit of the regime and the spirit of pessimism and mistrust would not have penetrated the society.”

The candidate of the tenth presidential election also described part of the untold story of the election day and mentioned: “since a few days prior to the 22nd of Khordad [June 12 2009, the day of the presidential election] our campaign headquarters were contacted very frequently by people, informing a vast preparation for rigging the votes and detailed information regarding the undergoing activities and scenarios designed for the election day and the days to come; such that we had to issue a statement the night before the election to invite people to optimism towards the executors [of the election] and to avoid early judgment. But what we witnessed the day after was the conceptualization of the offered prognostications, one after the other and numerous pieces of evidence questioning the health of the series of events. Yes, our Islamic trainings require us to suspect the acts of the believers; however the same trainings also prevent us from untruthfulness.

Mousavi continued about the events of the day of election and said: “We still thought in the beginning that what we were witnessing was due to misinterpretation. Therefore, I tried to contact the influential people and on the same day I discussed the issue two times with the head of the judiciary body, two times with the Attorney General, two times with the head of the parliament and four times with the office of the supreme leader. In addition, a delegation from the campaign headquarters was sent to visit the interior minister to convey the concerns of people and it was very odd that he did not receive the delegation after making them wait for a very long time, although the interior minister was supposed to only attend the election issues on that day. There were the pieces of evidence accumulating one after the other until the evening of Khordad 22nd, when the attacks to my campaign headquarters started and was extended to the central campaign office and other sites countrywide and it became evident that there existed a sketch and a plot to cheat on the election results.

Mousavi added:”of course I only had one vote and I could ignore my own right but I could not ignore people’s rights, because we are Muslims and our trainings prevent us from submitting to a lie. After the exhausting days before the election we had intended to accept the results, whatever it would be; but what happened drew us and the society into this direction.

Mousavi continued with criticizing the performance of the executives and called their actions unlawful and the main initiator of the recent events in the country and said:”If during the course of the election and the following events the law and justice had been observed we would not have witnessed these incidents. Even if I would insist on some issues, I would have been objected by people for being an extremist. However, ignoring the law and acting beyond the framework of law and ignoring the dignity and natural rights of the citizens initiated the objective movement and its growing aspects.

Indicating to the agitation of people’s sentiments and the continuation of the wave of objections he said: “the person, who according to his position has to be the role model in manners [referring to Ahmadinejad], talked on the television for over an hour and called my name 37 times and this program was broadcast 3 time from the state TV, without giving me a chance to respond. This was only one example of injustice and stimulating behaviors which agitated people and caused the chaos to spread. If people had observed justice and courtesy from the regime towards their natural rights, a gathering such as the multi-million-people rally of Khordad 25th could have been a remedy to their fury. However, we were distanced from such destiny day after day due to the wrong and ugly acts which followed.

The Prime Minister of the war era [Mousavi, who held this position during the eight years of Iran-Iraq war] then talked about taking advantage of the power by some organizations and confronting people and said: “We all like the Revolution. We like organizations such as Basij and Sepah (IRGC), because we believe that Basij is to confront the enemy and Sepah (IRGC) is initiated to stand against the enemies. Doesn’t the confrontation of Sepah (IRGC) and Basij with people damage their glory? Don’t the efforts to falsify the spontaneous movement of people by the state TV and other state-run media damage the trust of people in the propaganda agencies? We suggest that instead of accusing millions of people you should look into those who have targeted the trust and serenity of people with directing and staging a toxic propaganda war and serve the enemy with their melancholy analyses, to find the real accused. Those agents, who during the past two months, have been fighting against people in the state television and also in Keyhan newspaper are certainly providing for the benefits of the US and the UK policies.

In another part of his speech, Mousavi considered the only purpose of the staged trials to be the proof to a baseless delusion and disapproved of executing such scenarios against the sons of the Revolution.

Regarding the violation of minimum rights in the judiciary trials including free access to an attorney for the accused and their families and freedom in defense he insisted: “such courts, even if held for the enemies of the Revolution would have not been appropriate for the Islamic Republic. Shouldn’t the basic principles of trial be observed for the accused and their families to have access to an attorney and freedom to defend?

He added:”if the news, which has unfortunately been frequently received, is true any human being should burry his head in the ground. Does this way of confronting people, who have chanted “God is the greatest”, benefit the regime?! In my opinion this way of acting will further complicate the situation and makes the solution more inaccessible and causes pessimism and expands the protests.

In his concluding remarks, Mousavi referred to the formation of “The Green Path of Hope” as a pervasive movement and said: “The green color is the symbol of this movement and demand for accurate execution of the constitution is its slogan and the numerous and extensive spontaneous and autonomous social networks within the society are the body of this movement. In reality “The Green Path of Hope” is the continuation of the strategic slogan of “Each Citizen One Campaign” which this time is being formed for the righteous demand of people and for achieving their rights.

He said:” you cannot be selective and implement parts of the constitution and throw away [Ignore] the other parts. These theatrical prosecution and physical abuse and harassing people on the streets are an evidence of an obvious obstruction [of law] and not related to constitution or religious or national beliefs.

It is worth mentioning that in the beginning of this meeting , doctor Zafar Ghandi during his speech about professional , political and organizational activities of Islamic organization of medical community [of Iran] emphasized on the support of the majority of the national medical community for Mousavi M.Sc. during this election, its aftermath and the related events.

He also with an analysis of the current situation, declared serious continuity of this [already expanded] supports and also demanded the common demands of the people that is represented in words and position of Mousavi.

After these speeches, Dr. Nourbala, Dr. Ashofteh , Dr. Harirchi, Dr. Sheikh Rezai, Dr. Shojaii, Dr. Vaez Zadeh , Dr. Shakourirad, Dr. Soroush and Dr. Salari far expressed their positions and point of views.

A summary of the points that speakers mentioned and emphasized on are:

1-Lack of a public and decent medium to fill up the communication vacuum between public, sympathizers and active member of the movement with the leadership is completely feasible.

One sided and distorted news coverage of national broadcasting organization forced people to turn to foreign media that are covering the news in a professional way and hereby they [can] gain people’s interest and trust. These [foreign] media of course have their own agenda and in absence of a suitable public medium have more influence on public opinion. People are determined and assertive regarding their protests. And for this reason they are eager to have a national [public] medium that is trust worthy and here for a solution should be found.

2-Behavior of the current authorities and people in charge, made the whole system of the Islamic republic with its 30 years of experience questionable and hinting that the future of any religious and moral system would be like this. We must not let the structure of Islamic republic that was result of imam’s struggle , martyrs’ blood and sacrifice and efforts of the people be destructed more than this.

If sympathizers and followers of the system don’t come forward and be the front runner of the movement, some other people with an unclear and unknown agenda will take those places.

3-A hope is created for people that more valuable for them than their life. They are ready to sacrifice their own and beloved’s life to keep the hope alive. They are not only remorseful but also demand the continuity of the movement till we reach our goals. They are worried that the blood [sacrifices] of the martyrs will be forgotten or go to waste and appreciate of Mousavi for his non-reconciling and insisting on the principals and chasing after people’s rights.

4-Youth showed us in this movement that all the illusions and thoughts of their pacifism were incorrect and they are more courageous and assertive than our type [generation], the youth of revolution era, and are present on the scene. Above positive and upbeat spirit, with conducting the movement and slogans, they showed a lot of maturity and intelligence that seems to be result of experiences from the reforms period. They didn’t got caught in radicalism and extremism and ignore the slogans that are destructive to the system. They intelligently synchronize their action with the leadership of the movement and therefore this contact should be closer and more often.

5- We have learned from Imam Ali that it would be irreproachable if the Muslim died of the grief of hearing that the anklet is brought out of a Jewish woman’s foot in Islamic territory. Isn’t this deal of martyrs and wounded people too enough to make the clergymen to protest? Certainly the people are appreciated of leaders and clergymen that have demonstrated worthy reaction and relieved people’s pain.

6- The recent events should be analyzed. It seems that there have been mistakes in some foresights in Islamic revolution and there has been credulity in some issues and therefore we have arrived to this point after 30 years.

7- The relation of the elite and the body of society has decreased. We formerly met people more than now and had more relations with them. This kind of relation has decreased. This was the best promotion that people saw us working for the sake of them and also doing our religious rituals.

8- There is a widespread demagogy about Messianism and Hidden Imam. People should be informed about this issue and then the people’s religious beliefs cannot be misused.

9- Although the results of election announced in wrong way but achievements of the movement were beyond the presidency of our beloved candidate and the movement have not led to failure at all. People perceived your firmness and truthfulness and in addition to reformism, they saw the real pragmatism and they trusted in you and with this trust they are still hopeful. Your presences led to taking back the original mottoes of the revolution from whom that had confiscated them unjustly.

10- We have known you, not only in this election but also, since years ago and have had loyalty to you. The spectrum of your supporters is very widespread. This question has come in to mind of somebody that:”Couldn’t the capacity, resulted from election, be used in a better way than this? Were the legal capacities used well? What are the answers to these critiques?

11- We worry that the opponent is thinking of making a greater crisis which can threaten the whole of country to get out themselves from current crisis and this greater crisis may be an external attack to Iran. An external attack gives them the opportunity of repression of any opposite voice in most vigorous forms. They may prescribe this remedy to free themselves while this can be detrimental for whole of country.

Speaker or Agency: Mir-Hossein Mousavi


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Western Date: 13 August 2009

Persian Date: 22 Mordad 1388

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