Letter to the Guardian Council regarding their response to the election results (23 June 2009)

In the Name of the Almighty

Mr. Kadkhodaei,

Respectable Spokesman of the Guardian Council


Clear evidence and proof have surfaced regarding fraud and suspicious aspects in the results of the election, but I find it necessary to respond to your recent comments as well.

Your comments regarding the number of provinces that are listed as having over 100 percent of eligible voters participate were disappointing. These comments were another sign of bias in the results of the election. You stated the number of these precincts is 50 and not 170 provinces, and that the total votes gathered from these areas were only 3 million, which should not have affected the results of the election. I would like to point out that even if we assume the maximum participation rate was 85 or even 90 percent, still we have more than 200 districts with greater than 100-percent participation rates.  In addition, in other cities and regions, votes have been cast with the same ratio. Given the number of total voter precincts, our calculations show that it is impossible for more than 30 or 32 million votes to be cast by the people. Your erroneous announcement is just the tip of the iceberg and it is a small part of a series of election irregularities.

In the past, the Guardian Council has used the same reasoning to void precincts that had more than the number of eligible voters recorded.  During this election, this phenomenon was not restricted to some precincts, but took place in a majority of the voting districts. The interesting point is that the Guardian Council, which is also responsible for monitoring the election bodies, did not announce any irregularities during the Election Day. Isn’t this enough to declare the entire election process invalid?

I would like to advise the Guardian Council to stop wasting time by counting the ballot boxes, which the Interior Ministry has had in its possession for the past 10 days. Who knows what they have done with these boxes? The Guardian Council should make the final decision by declaring the election invalid. By doing so, you will make the people content, return peace to the society, and rescue the country from a grave danger.

Mehdi Karroubi

23 June 2009

Speaker or Agency: Mehdi Karroubi

Title: Karroubi’s letter to the Guardian Council regarding their response to the election results

Language: English and Farsi

Western Date: 23 June 2009

Persian Date: 2 Tir 1388

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