Letter Responding to False Allegations and Threats (20 December 2009)

Mehdi Karroubi’s letter to the people of Iran responded to false allegations and threats

Following the remarks made by Ayatollah Larijani, head of the judiciary, regarding the possible arrest of the Green leaders; Mehdi Karoubi in an open letter to the people of Iran responded to these false allegations and threats.Karoubi in this letter emphasised: “Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, assumes that today the civil protest of the people of Iran depends or relies on an individual and by eliminating or removing Mehdi Karoubi or Mir Hossein Mousavi this movement will diminish or be repressed. We witnessed that with the same assumption they arrested a group of political figures who have served the country and revolution, who had been ministers, deputy ministers or members of parliament, along with some journalist and a great number of people in the middle of the night, and took them to prisons and put them under pressure and

held show trials; but this movement not only didn’t stop but even got stronger. It is hard for them to accept this reality that this movement is spontaneous and is formed based on firm beliefs… “

Karoubi added: “ I was and will be a small servant of the people and as you know, such baseless remarks [made by the head of the judiciary] not only won’t make my determination weak in defending the rights of innocent and those who have been oppressed but rather will make it stronger.”

Mehdi Karoubi stressed: “Sadegh Larijani thinks that by threatening and intimidating and talking about having made up files in the judiciary system, Mehdi Karoubi will be scared and will shiver from fear. No! Mehdi Karoubi stands behind the promise he has made to the people.”

Karoubi has also stated: “I wish instead of saying such dreadful and political remarks, Ayatollah Larijani would pay some attention to the justice and the judiciary system in the country and would take care of Kahrizak case (Kahrizak is the prison in which based on the evidence many of the detain protesters were killed, tortured and raped while in custody by the government’s agents) and would investigate the suspicious death of the young physician at Kahrizak that everything has been said about the reason of his death from food poisoning to suicide, normal death and even heart attack and people are amazed (referring to the story of the young physician who was serving at Kahrizak prison to fulfill the required mandatory military services and witnessed the death of some detainees due to torture but was suspiciously found dead).

wish instead of all these remarks he would investigate that in the prisons of the Islamic Republic what kind of language is being used by its interrogators referring to numerous reports and evidence that interrogators use abusive, insulting and offensive language and remarks at the prisons against detainees and especially women.

Speaker or Agency: Mehdi Karroubi

Title: Mehdi Karroubi’s letter to the people of Iran responded to false allegations and threats

Language: English, Persian

Western Date: 20 December 2009

Persian Date: 19 Azar 1388

Source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/mir-hossein-mousavi-myr-syn-mwswy/rwby-dr-nmh-y-bh-mrdmbr-sr-pymn-kwys-b-mrdm-ystdh-m-karoubi-in-an-open-letter-i-/213659847605, http://tagheer.cz.cc/fa/archives/1388,09,29/2320

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