Iran’s budget for Year 2010-2011 (1389)

Single Article – The country’s budget for year 2010-2011 includes resources of more than 3,684,703,491,000,000 Rials and expenditures of more than 3,684,703,491,000,000 Rials, as follows:

a- The resources for government’s general budget includes revenues, granted capital and financial assets as well as expenditures and received financial and capital assets which totals more than 1,271,330,719,000,000 Rials and includes the following categories:

1.      General resources equal to 1,179,897,636,000,000 Rials,

2.      Revenues of ministries and governmental organizations of more than 91,433,083,000,000 Rials

b- The budget for governmental companies, government-affiliated banks and for-profit organizations includes revenues and credit resources of more than 2,525,238,504,000,000 Rials and expenditures and related payments of more than 2,525,238,504,000,000 Rials.

Source: Supreme Audit Court website, Please See, Retrieved November 13, 2012.

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