Ahmadinejad’s meeting with Basiji teachers (31 July 2009)

Ahmadinejad’s meeting with Basiji teachers

Ahmadinejad: After the inauguration we’re teaching them a lesson

“Allow the inauguration ceremony to be held, the state to begin its work, we will take them by the scruff of the neck and teach them a lesson.”

The other day in a gathering of the Professors’ Basij Mahmoud ahmadinejad gave about the start of the new term, which has taken place since the tenth presidential election. 

To Farda news agency, the president in the eleventh inaugural ceremony of the seminar of Professors’ Basij, which, unlike in previous years when it was held in the Qods Lecture Hall of the shrine of Imam Reza, was held in the Saba Lecture Hall of Seda-o Sima of Mashhad, spoke in explanation of what happened during and after the tenth presidential election. With the statement that “I don’t even count” called the held election great irrespective of his own victory and said: “The people chose the path of the Imam (Khomeini) and the ideals of the Islamic evolution.”

Ahmadinejad, with indication that the recent election was the freest election in the whole world and since the revolution, added: “The recent election brought the principles of liberal democracy into question in theory and practice.”

Ahmadinejad pointed out: In this election the broke the hegemony of power, wealth, (political) parties, and the media all together and a new template was provided for humanity. (Quotes?) The president called the media and parties the tools of the system of domination and said: “(Political) parties and people are separate from one another,they are connected to power and the people don’t have a role in the parties.”

The head of the tenth Cabinet, in gave information about the anger of people who he addressed as “they” to the audience, and with the declaration that “a new age had begun,” emphasized that: “Allow the inauguration ceremony to be held, the state to begin its work, we will take them by the scruff of the neck and teach them a lesson.” For the realization of his vision, Ahmadinejad wanted for the Professors’ Basij, who he addressed as “my dear colleagues,” to help him on this path and with one movement dump all agitations connected to “them” to the dustbin of history; this request met with the proclamation “God is Great” of the audience, who had sat on the red chairs of the Saba Lecture Hall.

In another section of his speech, the President, without reference to postponement in the implementation of the order of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution regarding the dismissal of Mashaei from the post of first Vice President, presented his cabinet with the “thought of Vilayet-e Faqih” and said: “In recent days a group fell into agitating with their own crude fantasy in order to openly undermine the relation of the state and the dear Leader and scandalously would induce separation and distance between the state and Leader.”


Blame to “Fad-creators of the media”

Ahmadinejad, who did not bring forth a name for the first Vice President in this speech, attributed all that which happened related to the appointment of Mashaei to media sensationalism and, addressing the media fad-creators as “stupid,” said: “the entrance of ill-wishers onto such a stage and instilling such doubts is an fruitless activity and they will definitely bring such desires to the grave as this path is closed to the devils.” Ahmadinejad, based on the news site of the state media, with the statement that “in recent days a group fell into agitating with their own crude fantasy in order to openly undermine the relation of the state and the dear Leader and scandalously would induce separation and distance between the state and Leader in such a way that they don’t know that the nature of our relationship with the position of the Supreme Leader is beyond the political and administrative level and is that of love, belief, and father and son.

He emphasized: “They didn’t understand the relationship; our relationship with the dear Leader is not political. They didn’t understand at all that this is the relation of father and son.” In continuation, he requested that the supporters of America and England, hypocrites and liberals not speak about this. All must feel that that they are first-class citizens.

The president in another section of his speech recognized justice as the dominant spirit of the activities of the state and emphasized: “Justice is the starting point of the move towards perfection. By every amount that we move in the direction of justice prosperity will occur and we must reach a point where nobody in Iran feels that prosperity has been withheld from them. They must all feel that they are first-class citizens.” Ahmadinehad continued: “From another angle too, we must arrive at a point that nobody imagines that they are the owner of the country, that he/she has extra-legal powers.” He added: “Also, nobody should be allowed a special right or monopoly for themselves or their children.”

The president, with the statement that he has started his own fight on this path, stressed: “Although it is hard work and an expansive battle and all-encompassing, it is possible. This state has stood firm on the carrying out of justice the last of its strength.”

Ahmadinejad, with the statement that “the state must in the new phase pursue societal development,” pointed out: In the Islamic system all must feel security and tranquility and nobody must feel that their dignity has been undermined and so the Islamic society must be overflowing with joy, fruitfulness, vivacity and hope.”


We must raise the level of expectations.

At the beginning of his speech at the inauguration of the seminar of Professors’ Basij, the President emphasized that it is necessary that we revise our perspective, saying:

“We must raise the level of expectation from ourselves in universities and the expectation is that the university and seminary will be the flag bearer of diverse transformations in the country.”

Ahmadinejad named the seminary and university and training centers of the elite, both of which has in all the years since the revolution had weak performance. On this subject, he recognized the foremost shortcoming as the responsibility of the Islamic Azad University and said: Twice we wanted to set Azad University right, and they ordered us not to do it. They are messing up the country.

To the newspaper Khabar, the President, with criticism for the interaction of some universities with the Basij of students and professors, said about the clashes between them: “The head of the university said to the students, ‘the giving of a place for the activities of the Basij in the university is costly for me.’ I said ‘your presence at this university is costly for me, too.’” He added: “The University must be managed with the Basiji culture and thinking and the banner of Basij culture must be raised as the banner of dignity, the desire for freedom, and joyous spirit.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who before taking charge as leader of the ninth government was also a member of the Professors’ Basij stipulated: “Today the Professors’ Basij organization is a broad tree that has become a point of hope and reliance of the Islamic Revolution on the academic, intellectual, and transformative scenes.


Lack of knowledge on the part of the President

Even though Professors’ Basij organization is considered as one of the think tanks of the ninth government, the president, at the inauguration of the eleventh Professors’ Basij seminar became acquainted with the subject of this gathering, which was the plan for economic development and reform of the pattern of consumption, and said: “I became happy when I realized the subject of your academic conference.” Examination of the economic development plan and reform of the pattern of expenditure was assigned to the Professors’ Basij organization five months ago.


The empty seat of the Minister of Culture and Guidance

Also, with the absence of Mohammad Hassan Saffar-Harandi, the dismissed Minister of Culture and Guidance, and Ede Ali Bakhtiari, head of the Professors’ Basij organization, who in this conference with “Khabar” had said that cultural issues are a priority ___


(Word missing) was not realized in this conference. 

According to “Khabar” agency at the end of the 11th inauguration ceremony of the seminar of the Professors’ Basij journalists’ notes and the photos of some photographers were confiscated* in order that news of the meeting “be published only in the way that it should be published.”

Ahmadinejad, who in on Thursday after entering Mash’had immediately went to the Khorasan-Razavi (central Khorasan) Governorate in order to speak in conferences with governors across the country; a meeting that no journalist attended was held behind closed doors and only a few photographers could take pictures of this meeting.

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