20 Year National Vision

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The 20-Year National Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the dawn of the Solar Calendar Year 1404 [2025 C.E.]


Relying on the eternal Divine power, the beam of faith, national grandeur, and managed and planned labor towards realizing the ideals and principle of the Constitution, in the 20-year vision [cheshm andaz]:

Iran is a developed country in first place in the region in the realms of economy, knowledge, technology; with an Islamic and revolutionary identity, an inspiration for the world; and with productive and influential interaction in International relations.


Iranian society at the dawn of the national vision [the year 2024] will have these features:

•  Developed in proportion to its cultural, geographical, and historic requirements; and founded on ethical principles and Islamic, national, and revolutionary values; with an emphasis on religious democracy, social justice, legitimate freedoms, protection of human rights and dignity, and benefitting from social and legal justice.

•  Endowed with advanced knowledge; capable in science and technology; reliant on a greater share of human resources and social capital in national production.

•  Secure, independent, and powerful with a defense system based on multilateral deterrence and alliance between the government and the population.

•  Endowed with [public] health, welfare, food security, social security, equal opportunities, appropriate income distribution, strong family foundations; [and] distanced from poverty, corruption, discrimination, and benefitting from a favorable natural environment.

•  Active, responsible, selfless, faithful, satisfied, endowed with [good] work ethic, discipline, and a cooperative and collaborative social mentality; devoted to the revolution, Islamic order, and blossoming of Iran; and proud of being Iranian.

•  Achieved first place in the areas of economy, science, and technology in the Western South Asia region (which includes Central Asia, Kyrgyz regions, the Middle East, and neighboring countries), with an emphasis on high tech [software] knowledge production, fast-paced and continuous economic growth, relative growth of per capita income level, and achievement of full employment.

•  Inspiring, active, and effective in the Islamic world while advancing the Islamic democracy model, efficient development, ethical society, social and intellectual modernism and dynamism; influential in Islamic and regional unity based on the teachings of Islam and the thoughts of Imam Khomeini.

•  Possessing productive and effective interactions with the rest of the world based on the principles of respect, wisdom, and goodwill.

Comment: In the drafting, revision, and legislation of development plans and annual budgets, the following should be considered: their quantitative macro indexes-such as rate of investment, per capita income, gross national product, employment and inflation rates, decrease in income inequality between the top and bottom deciles of society, growth of culture, education, research, and security and defensive capabilities-must be congruent with the development policies, goals, and requirements [set forth in this] national vision.

Seyyed Ali Khameni

From the website of the Ministry of Economy and Financial Affairs.