Speech on the Occasion of the Inauguration of Hojjat ol-Elsam val-Moslemin Hashemi Rafsanjani

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

The Hoseiniya of Jamaran is a place that has always played a role in the history of our revolution throughout the past ten years. It was here and under the same sacred and blessed auspices that we have been able to experience difficult occasions, begin a critical point in our revolutionary life, and learn constructive lessons from our Imam, our teacher and guide. In short, the Iranian nation began its movements in this place and took refuge here, and from here emerged from the turning point.

Today, with the loss of our dear, great, and unparalleled leader and Imam, we doubtless are suffering a loss and an important vacuum, but remembering the firmness, decisiveness, and spirituality of that great man with his unforgettable lessons, we begin a new era.

In my opinion, today is an important day and the beginning of a turning point, full of importance. Of course, the propaganda loudspeakers of world arrogance and Zionism want to get both the Iranian nation and world public opinion – and perhaps even some officials – to believe that the Islamic Republican system has begun a new age or a new orientation! This, like everything else the trumpets of arrogance try to get us to believe, is foolish, desperate, and idiotic.

The new age, if it is taken to mean something different from the firm lines drawn by our dear Imam, those same lines of revolution and Islam, and nothing else, will never get anywhere in our revolution. As long as there are awakened hearts and responsible people and believing officials who know Islam and the Imam, America and the other enemies and world arrogance and enemies and hypocrites must take such wishes to the grave.

The line which the Imam drew for the revolution and which the nation of Iran has acted on the basis of for ten years is the great line of Islam and the Muslims and the defense of the disposed and the abased throughout the word. It is a line and path which has made the nation of Iran, which was a living and proud nation in the world, the most independent, living, and active nation in the world.


Author: Khamenei
Language: Persian
Western Date: 3 August 1989
Persian Date: 12/5/1368

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