On Accepting UN Security Council Resolution 598 (July 1988)


Time: 29 Tir 1367/July 20, 1988
Location: Tehran, Jamaran

Topic: The Anniversary of the Bloody Massacre in Mecca and Acceptance of Resolution 598

Addressee: The Iranian Nation

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Even though one year has passed since the tragic and merciless massacre of defenseless pilgrims and devout and theist worshippers at the hands of the servants of the US and the bloodthirsty Al Saud, the city of God and the creations of God are still amazed and bewildered.  By killing the guests of God, and by bringing down in dust and blood the very best servants of the Truth, the Al Saud have tainted not only the shrine of God, but also the whole Islamic world with the blood of martyrs and placed the Muslims and the chivalrous in mourning.

Last year, for the first time, the Muslims of the world celebrated the aid-e Qorban with the martyrdom of the children of Abraham – who had returned tens of times from battling sinners and ravagers – in the slaughterhouse of Love and the at the altar of Truth.  And once again, America and the Al Saud, against the ways and means of freedom, took victims from the women and the men, from the mothers and fathers of martyrs, from our defenseless veterans.  And until the last minute, with cruelty and injustice, they lashed at the half-alive bodies of our elderly and the dry and thirsty mouths of our persecuted [people] and took their revenge.  Revenge from whom and for what crime?  Revenge from people who had migrated from their own houses to the house of God and the house of the people!  Revenge from people who for years had carried the rucksack of resistance and integrity on their shoulders.  Revenge from people who, just like Abraham, were returning from destroying idols; had destroyed the Shah; had destroyed America and the USSR; had shattered sin and dissention.  Those who, after passing all that distance, had come barefoot and hatless with the shouts of “Wa azn fi alnas ba-alhajj ya tavaka rajala” to make Abraham happy; they had come to the festival of God to wash the dust and dirt of the journey with the water of Life, and to quench their thirst at the pure ritual of hajj pilgrimage, and take on responsibilities with a greater ability, and in their eternal search and journey, not only at the time of hajj, but also at the time of action, to take off the clothes and hijab of attachment and connection to the world.  Those same ones who, in order to save the servants and the destitute of God, have forsaken the comfort of comfort-seekers, and had become the confidantes of the pilgrims of martyrdom, and were dogmatically determined to not be the purchased slaves of the US and USSR, to not accept anyone’s supremacy but God’s.  They had come to say again to Mohammad (PBUH) that they are not tired of the struggle and know well that the likes of Abu Safian and Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl are sitting in ambush for revenge; and they say to themselves “Are Lat and Hobal still in the Ka’abba?” Yes, more dangerous than those idols, but in a new guise and deception.  They know that today, the shrine is still a shrine, but not for the people, but for the US! And he who does not make a pact of obedience with the US and returns to the God of Ka’aba, will be a target for revenge.  Revenge from pilgrims whose every particle of being, every action, and perseverance in their revolution has revived the rituals of Abraham; and truthfully goes forth to fill the atmosphere of their country and their own lives with a fragrance of the pleasant melody of “Labayk, Allahom labayk”.

            Yes, in the logic of the world of Arrogance, anyone seeking to establish avoidance of blasphemy and sin, is himself accused of sinning and the “mufti”s, and children of mufti’s [muftizadegan], will issue verdicts of blasphemy and order his murder.  Finally, in the history of Islam, that sword of blasphemy and dissention that was dressed in the false robes of the followers of Yazid and the lackeys of the Umayyads – God’s damnation upon them – for the destruction and murder of the best and truest children of the Prophet of Islam, namely his holiness Abi Abdallah al-Hussein PBUH – and his devoted followers, was hidden and again came out from the robes of those same destroyers of our heritage like bani Safian and slashed the pure and holy throat of the attendants of Hussain ­– PBUT – in that hot weather, in the Karbala of Hijjaz, and in the alter of the shrine.  And that same accusations and the men of Yazid made against the true children of Islam, and called them “outsiders” and “heretics” and “pagans” and “apostates, they have made the exact same accusation against those following on their path.  And God willing, we will make up for the sorrow of our hearts at the appropriate time by revenge from the US and the Al Saud, and will set pain and regret upon their hearts for celebrating this great crime; and will enter the Masjid al-Haraam in celebration of the victory of Truth over the soldiers of blasphemy and dissent, and the liberation of the Ka’aba from the hands of enemies and the un-invited [na mahraman].

But while the pilgrims from [other] countries who, for sure, have travelled to Mecca under the control and intimidation of their rulers, will find the place of their friends and brothers and supporters and comrades empty among themselves, the Al Saud, to cover its terrible crimes of last year, and to also justify sad an sabil Allah,  and prohibiting Iranian pilgrims from entering hajj, has bombarded the pilgrims with intense propaganda.  And the mullahs of the courts and sell-out muftis – God’s damnation upon them – in Islamic countries, specially in the Hejaz, have used the media and press for speeches and performances and have limited the opportunity for reflection and research by the pilgrims about understanding the true philosophy of pilgrimage and also awareness of the pre-planned events orchestrated by the Great Satan to murder the guests of God.  And obviously, the mission of pilgrims in such conditions is very substantial.  The greatest pain of Islamic societies is that they still haven’t understood the true philosophy of many of the divine laws.  And the hajj pilgrimage, with all the mysteries and grandeur that it contains, has remained a dry act of worship and a futile action.  One of the major responsibilities of Muslims is to discover this truth of “What is the hajj pilgrimage” and for what reason they must forever expend part of their material and spiritual resources for its preservation.  The thing that up to now has been circulated as philosophy of hajj pilgrimage by the ignorant or biased commentators or the lackeys is that Hajj is a group worship or a pilgrimage/site seeing trip.  What does it have to do with hajj, how to live and how to resist, and with what quality stand up against the world of capitalism and communism!  What does it have to do with hajj that the rights of Muslims and the destitute must be demanded from the oppressors! What does it have to do with hajj that there must be a solution found for the physical and spiritual pressures on Muslims! What does it have to do with hajj that Muslims must present themselves as a great force and the third power of the world! What does it have to do with hajj that Muslims must be awakened to rise up against sponsored regimes!  Instead, Hajj is just that recreational trip to see the Qibla and Madina and that’s it!  Whereas hajj is for getting closer to, and the connection of man to the Host.  And hajj is not just movement and action and words; and one does not get to God with simple words and language and movement.  Hajj is the foundation of divine education from which one must seek the contents of Islamic politics in all aspects of life.  Hajj is the messenger and creation of the pillars of a society removed from spiritual and material vices.  Hajj is the manifestation and repetition of all Love-instigating arenas of a life and a complete society in this world.  And the ritual of hajj is the ritual of life.  And because the society of the Islamic nation – from any race or nationality – must become Abrahamic to join with the army of Mohammad’s nation – PBUH – and become one and unify, hajj is the practice and accommodation and creation of this unified life.  Hajj is the stage for performance and the mirror for measurement of the spiritual and financial talents and abilities of Muslims.  Hajj is like the Quran in that everyone will benefit from it but the Islamic nation’s thinkers and divers and those familiar with pain, if they take to the seas of its teachings, and are not afraid of nearing and drowning in its social laws and policies, will extract grander jewels – of direction, of growth, of wisdom and freedom – from the pearls of this ocean, and will forever quench their thirst from its pure waters of wisdom and knowledge.  But what can be done, and where can we take this huge sorrow that the hajj, just like the Quran, has become outmoded.  And to the same extent that that Book of life and fulfillment and beauty is hidden under our artificial veils, this treasure of life’s secrets has been buried and hidden within piles of dust of our distortions; and its language of intimacy and guidance and life and life-affirming philosophy have declined to a language of horror and death and tombstones, the hajj also is entangled in the same fate.  A fate where every year millions of Muslims go to Mecca and set foot on the footsteps of the Prophet and Abraham and Ismail, and Hajjer, but there is no one to ask himself ‘who were Abraham and Mohammad (PBUH) and what did they do? What was their goal? What did they want from us?’  It’s as if the one thing no one thinks about is this.  It is obvious that, a hajj without a soul and without action and uprising, a hajj without purification, a hajj without unity, and a hajj which does not produce a demolition of sin and blasphemy is not a hajj.  In brief, all Muslims must put effort in renewing the life of the hajj pilgrimage and the Quran and returning these two to the arenas of their lives.  And the committed scholars of Islam – by presenting realistic and correct analyses on the philosophy of hajj – must throw all the superstitions woven and spun out by the scholars of the court.

But that which the dear pilgrims must know is that the US and the Al Saud have described the incident in Mecca as a tribal and factional struggle and a power play between Shia and Sunni.  And they have introduced Iran and its leaders as people who have the fantasy of a great empire in mind so that many of the people who are unaware of the path of the political events in the world of Islam and the ominous plans of those who would devour the world, will imagine that our shouts of disassociation from blasphemers and our struggle for the freedom of nations is in the path of attaining political power and the geographical expansion of the territory of the Islamic regime.  Of course, for us and all thinkers and analysts who are aware of the dirty intentions of the Al Saud organization, it is no surprise that they accuse Iran and the regime – that, from the moment of victory up to now has shouted for the unity of all Muslims and in all events of the world of Islam, sees itself as a partner in the sorrows and joys of Muslims – of creating divisions and separation of Muslims.  Or, more than that, to accuse pilgrims who have gone to the Hejaz with the love for worshipping at the shrine of the Prophet and the divine Shrine, of a military campaign and assembly for invading the Ka’aba and setting fire to the shrine of God and destroying the Prophet’s Medina!  And the evidence and documents they offer for this is the presence of the Sepah (the IRGC) and military and officials of our country in the ceremony of hajj!  Yes, in the logic of Al Saud, the military and the protector of an Islamic country must be a stranger to hajj.  And these kinds of trips for government and military officials are surprising and suspect.  In the eyes of Arrogance, the officials of Islamic countries must go to the West, why go to Hajj!  The lackeys of America see the burning of the American flag as burning the shrine, and the slogan of “death to the USSR and USA and Israel” as enmity with God and Quran and the Prophet.  And they have also introduced our officials, dressed in clothes of worship, as leaders of a conspiracy.

The truth is that the arrogant duel of the East and West – specially the US and the USSR – in effect has divided the world into two sections of “free” and “political quarantine”.  In the “free” section of the world, it is these superpowers that know no boundaries or limits or laws and they consider the assault on the interest of others and the colonization and exploitation and enslavement of nations as a justified and necessary and logical act and in line with all their made-up and international principles and standards.  But in the “political quarantine” section, where unfortunately the majority of the world’s weak nations and specially Muslims are imprisoned, there is no right to life or opinion.  All the laws and rules and formulas are the same laws that are dictated and desired by regimes that are installed by – and who are protectors of the interests of – the Arrogance.

And unfortunately, the majority of the executive officials of this sector are the same rulers imposed by the Arrogance or followers of the line of Arrogance who see even screaming in pain from the inside of these prisons as a crime and unforgivable offenses.  And the interests of the devouring powers of the world necessitates that no one has the right to utter a word that suggests their weakness or disturbs their comfortable sleep.  And because, due to pressure and imprisonment and executions, the Muslims of the world don’t have the power to express the calamities that their leaders have imposed on them, they must be able to express their calamities and pains with absolute freedom in the safe Divine Shrine so other Muslims may think of a solution for their release.  Therefore, we insist and push for this point that Muslims – at least in the House of God and the safe Divine Shrine – see themselves as liberated from all the bonds of the oppressors and in a great maneuver announce they are dissociating from the thing that they hate and use any means to release themselves.

The regime of Al Saud has taken on the responsibility for the pilgrims of the house of God.  And it is here that I say with certainty that the incident of Mecca is not unrelated to the principle policies of the devouring powers in eradicating all free-thinking Muslims.  With announcing our ‘dissociation from blasphemers’, we had decided and still are decided to release the stagnant energies of the world of Islam.  And with the support of the magnificent God and with the aid of the children of the Quran, one day this job will be done.  And God willing, one day all Muslims and the oppressed will shout out against the oppressors of the world and prove that the superpowers and their servants and lackeys are the most despised creatures in the world.

The murder of the pilgrims of the world is a conspiracy for maintaining the policies of Arrogance and preventing the influence of the true Islam of Mohammad (PBUH).  And the dark and disgraceful record of the care-free rulers of Islamic countries foretells the added pain and calamity that has fallen upon the half-alive figure of Islam and Muslims.

The Prophet of Islam has no need for majestic mosques and decorative minarets.  The Prophet of Islam was after the glory and grandeur of his followers that, unfortunately, due to the wrong policies of these hand-picked rulers, have been brought down in humiliation.  Will the Muslims of the world ever forget the disaster of the murder of hundreds of clerics and thousands of men and women of different sects during the wretched reign of the Al Saud and also the crime of the murder of pilgrims of the house of God? Don’t they see that today, the centers of Wahhabism in the world have become the focal points of sedition and espionage, such that on the one hand, they are spreading the Islam of the aristocracy, the Islam of Abu Sufian, the Islam of the dirty mullahs of the court, the Islam of stupid holy imposters of the seminaries and universities, the pathetic and miserable Islam, the Islam of money and force, the Islam of deceit and capitulation and slavery, the Islam of the rule of capital and capitalists over the wretched of the earth and the barefoot, and in one word, “American Islam”; and on the other hand, they bow down to the shrine of their master, the world devouring America.

Muslims don’t know where to take their pain when the Al Saud, the “Servant of the Shrines” [Khadem al-Haramain], give assurances to Israel that we will not use our weapons on you!  And to prove their word, they cut off relations with Iran.  Indeed, how warm and affectionate must be the relations between rulers of Islamic countries and the Zionists that, in the Conference of the Leaders of Islamic Nations, even nominal and symbolic resistance to Israel is removed from the agendas and meetings.  If they had one grain of Arab and Islamic zeal and honor, they would not have accepted such a dirty, political deal to sell-out themselves and their nations.  Are these actions not shameful for the Islamic world? Is becoming a bystander not a sin and a crime?  Is there no one among Muslims who will rise up and reject so much shame and disgrace?

By the way, must we must stand back while the leaders of Islamic countries ignore the feelings of one billion Muslims and endorse all those disasters of the Zionists, and again bring up Egypt and the like?  Meanwhile, Muslims believe that Iranian pilgrims have risen up to occupy the house of God and the Shrine of the Prophet and wanted to steal the Ka’aba to take to Qom!  If the Muslims of the world believe that their rulers are the true enemies of the US and USSR and Israel, they will believe their propaganda against us.

Of course we have announced on many occasions this reality and truth in our Islamic and international foreign policy that we have been, and still are, after expanding the influence of Islam in the world and decreasing the domain of the devouring powers.  Now, if the servants of the US call this policy expansionism and the mind-set of creating a great empire, we are not afraid of that and welcome it.  We are after uprooting the depraved roots of Zionism, capitalism, and communism in the world.  We have decided, with the kindness and blessing of the majestic God, to destroy the systems that have been established on these three foundations.  And to promote the system of the Islam of Allah’s Prophet (PBUH) in the world of Arrogance.  And sooner or later, the captive nations will witness this.  With all our being, we will stand up to the expansion of blackmail and diplomatic immunity of American officials, even if it has to be with hostile struggle.  God willing, we will not allow the sounds of compromise with the US and USSR and blasphemy  and sin to emanate from the  Ka’aba and hajj, this grand pulpit atop the roof of humanity – which must reflect the voice of the destitute to the whole world, and sing the melodies of unity.  And we ask God to bestow on us the power to toll the funeral bells of America and the USSR, not only from the Ka’aba of Muslims, but also from the churches of the world.

Muslims of the world and the wretched of the earth have gained a feeling of pride and freedom from this eternal purgatory that our Islamic revolution has created for all devouring powers; and they [should] sing the melodies of freedom and liberty in their lives and futures and bandage their wounds; because the time of dead-ends and pessimism and breathing in the realm of sin has ended, and the garden of nations has bloomed.  And I hope that all Muslims see the blossoms of freedom and the fragrant Spring breeze and the fresh flowers of kindness and love and the pure rivulets of their own volition.  We must all escape the swamp and quicksand and silence and inertia on which the agents of America and the USSR have sprayed the seeds of death and bondage, and go towards the sea from which percolates the water of life; and to wash the veil of the Ka’aba and the Shrine of God that have been defiled by the impure hands of America and its offspring.

Muslims of all countries of the world, since you are dying a slow death under the domination of foreigners, you must overcome the fear of death; and to utilize the presence of the fervent and martyrdom-seeking young people who are willing to break through the frontlines of blasphemy.  Do not think about maintaining the status quo; but rather think about escaping bondage and freedom from slavery and attacking the enemies of Islam, because life and dignity is in the shadows of struggle.  And the first step in struggling is ‘willpower’.   And after that is the decision to prohibit international blasphemy and sin – specially the US – from dominating you.  Whether we are in Mecca or not, our hearts and souls are with Abraham and in Mecca.  Whether they shut or open the gates of the Medina Al-Rasoul upon us, our bond of love with the Prophet will never be broken or weakened.  We offer our prayers facing Ka’aba and we die facing Ka’aba.  And we thank God that we have remained steadfast in our covenant with God, and have laid the foundations of ‘dissociation from the blasphemous’ [Bra’at az Moshrekin] with the blood of thousands upon thousands of martyrs from our loved ones.  And we have not waited, either, for the dishonorable rulers of Islamic and non-Islamic countries to support our actions.  We are the forever oppressed of history, the destitute, we are the barefoot.  We have no one but God.  And if we are cut to pieces a thousand times, we will not abandon struggle against the oppressor.

The Islamic Republic of Iran thanks the free Muslims of the world who – despite the political intimidation ruling over them – by organizing conferences and speeches and interviews, removed the veil of the criminal secrets of the US and Al Saud and showed our innocence to the world.  Muslims must know that, as long as the balance of power in the world is not arranged to their favor, the interests of foreigners will always be prioritized over their interests; and every day, the Great Satan or the Soviet Union will create an incident in the excuse of protecting their interests.  Truly, if Muslims do not solve their problems with the devouring powers in a serious way, and at least bring themselves up to the frontier of [being] the super power of the world, will they be in peace?  Right now, if the US reduces a Muslim nation to dust with the excuse of protecting its interests, who can prevent it? So there is no path but resistance, and superpowers, specially the US, must be brought down – and by necessity, [we must] choose one of two paths: either martyrdom or victory.  Which, in our doctrine, both are considered victory.  Which, God willing, the Almighty will grant all Muslims the power to break the framework of the governing and oppressive policies of the devouring powers, and also the audacity to create a scaffolding based on human dignity; and accompany everyone from declining into misery and to the ascent of glory and strength.

Until the bittersweet incident of the hajj in the past year, some people had not truly understood the philosophy of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s insistence on the rally for ‘dissociation from the blasphemous’ and were asking themselves and others what is the necessity for rallying and shouting resistance in the hajj trip and in that warm weather; and even if the slogans for ‘dissociation from the blasphemous’ are shouted, what harm will it do the Arrogance? And perhaps some simpletons imagined that the supposedly civilized world of the devouring powers would not only have the capacity to tolerate these sorts of political issues, but also – more than this – will even give its opponents the permission to live and protest and hold a rally.  And the reason for this claim is the permission for rallies in the supposedly free countries of the West.

But this issue must be made clear that those rallies cause no harm to the superpowers and the powers.  It’s the rallies in Meccaand Medinathat will entail the shutting off of oil wells of Saudi Arabia.  It is the rallies for ‘dissociation’ in Mecca and Medinathat will end in the destruction of the minions of the Soviets and the Americans.  And it is exactly because of this that, by killing a group of free men and women, it is prevented, and it is by the grace of this same ‘dissociation from the blasphemous’ that even simpletons will realize that one must not bow at the steps of the US and the USSR.

The esteemed and brave Iranian nation, be assured that the incident of Meccawill be the source of great developments in the world of Islam and will lay the appropriate grounds for uprooting the corrupt regimes in Islamic countries and the rejection of false-priests.  And despite the fact that no more than one year has passed since the epic of the ‘dissociation from the blasphemous’, the fragrance of the pure blood of our beloved martyrs has engulfed the whole world and we are witnessing its effects across the world.  The epic of the Palestinian people is not an accidental phenomenon.  What does the world believe; this epic was sung by which people; right now the people of Palestine have rested on which doctrine that [allows them] to resist the barbaric attacks of the Zionists with empty hands and without reprieve? Is it only the melody of nationalism that has shaped them into a world of resistance?  Is it from the tree of sell-out politicians that the fruits of resistance and the olive of light and hope falls on Palestinian laps?  If that was the case, they have for years been eating off the name of Palestinians!  There is no doubt that it is the sound of “God is Great”, it is that same shout of our nation that in Iran, brought the Shah – and in Jerusalem, the violators – to hopelessness.  And this is the realization of that same slogan of ‘dissociation’: when the Palestinian nation, in the rally during hajj, side by side its Iranian brothers and sisters, shouted the slogans for the liberation of Qods, and shouted “death to the USA and the USSR and Israel”; and upon that same deathbed of martyrdom, where the blood of our beloved was spilled, he too, by offering his own blood, took repose in the ceremony of martyrdom.  Yes, Palestine found its lost course through our path of ‘dissociation’.  And we saw how the iron fences toppled in this battle, and how blood was victorious over the sword, and faith over sin, and shouts over bullets; and how the dreams of the Israelites to occupy from the Nile to the Euphrates were disrupted, and the wounded bird of Palestine took flight once again from our blessed tree of “No to the East; No to the West”.  And today, in the same way that there are a large number of schemes throughout the world for us to make peace with sin and blasphemy, there is the same effort to put out the flames of anger of the Palestinian nation.  And this is just one example of the progress of the revolution.  And meanwhile, the number of believers in the principles of our Islamic revolution are increasing and we see these as the likely capital of our revolution, and all those who sign the petition of support for us with ink made up of blood, and respond with all their hearts to our revolution’s invitation, will control the whole world with the assistance of God.  Today, the war of right versus wrong, the war of poverty and wealth, the war of vulnerability and arrogance, and the war of the barefoot against the care-free and prosperous has begun.  And I kiss the hand and arms of all the dear ones across the world who have placed the rucksack of resistance on their backs and have decided upon jihad in the name of God and the promotion of the honor of Muslims; and offer my sincere greetings to all the blossoms of freedom and perfection.  And to the beloved and brave nation of Iran, I submit: God has exported the evidence and blessings of your spirituality to the whole world; and your luminous hearts and eyes have become the foundation of support for the dispossessed, and the flares of your revolutionary hatred has struck panic in the hearts of the devouring powers of the Right and the Left.  Of course, we all know that our country has endured hardships in the path of revolution and war and no one denies that the destitute and weak and poor classes – and specially government employees and administrators – are not pinched by economic problems.  The people of Iran have proven that they can withstand hunger and thirst, but will never accept the defeat of the revolution and attacks on its principles.  The honorable Iranian nation has always resisted the most intense attacks of the entire world of sin against its revolution’s principles – which we do not have the time to mention all of them.

Has the brave nation of Iran not resisted the multiple crimes of America in the Persian Gulf – whether it be military and intelligence support of Iraq, attack on oil rigs and ships and boats, or destruction of a commercial airplane?  Has the Iranian nation not resisted the diplomatic war of the East and the West against itself and the political games of international assemblies?  Has the brave Iranian nation not resisted economic, propaganda, psychological warfare and the brutal attacks of Iraq to its cities, and missile attacks on its residential areas, and the repeated chemical bombardment of Iraq in Iran and Halabcheh?  Has the dear Iranian nation not resisted the conspiracies of the Monafeghin [e.g. the MEK] and liberals and the hoarding and speculation of capitalists and the trickery of false-diviners?  Were not all these events and occurrences attacks on the principles of the revolution? If not for the presence of the people, each one of these conspiracies could have inflicted blows on the principles of the system.  We thank God for making the Iranian nation successful for acting for its mission with an unyielding stature and not leaving the stage.

Our beloved nation – which is the true and rightful combatant for Islamic values – has understood well that struggle is not compatible with seeking comforts; and those who believe that struggle in the path of freedom and independence for the wretched and destitute of the earth is compatible with capitalism and comfort-seeking, are unfamiliar with the ABC’s of struggle.  And those who believe that the capitalists and the careless and prosperous will be chastised by advice and axioms and sermons, and will join the combatants of the path of freedom and assist them, are just nailing jelly to the wall.  The discussion of resistance and comfort and capital, the discussion of uprising and comfort-seeking, the discussion of worldly gains and the hereafter, are categories that can never be together.  And only those stay with us until the end of the line who have experienced the pain of poverty and destitution and vulnerability.  The impoverished and the poor devout are the true managers and instigators of revolutions.  We have to make all efforts to maintain the principle line of defense of the wretched of the earth in any way possible.  Officials in revolutionary Iran must know that – in order to destroy the revolution – some Godless individuals will immediately call anyone who wants to work for the poor and needy and follow the path of Islam and the revolution a “communist” and an “eclectic” (elteghati).  We must not fear these accusations.  We must keep in mind God, and use all our efforts for satisfying God and helping the poor and not fear any accusations.  The US and Arrogance have people up their sleeves in all areas for defeating the Islamic revolution, in seminaries and universities, the false-priests whose danger I’ve warned of again and again.  With their duplicity, they will destroy the essence of the revolution and Islam from within.  With the guise of righteous persons and advocates of religion and Islamic domains, [they’ll] introduce everyone as impious.  We must seek shelter from God against their evil.  And also others who attack all clerics and scholars without exception, and call their Islam an ‘American Islam’; they tread a very dangerous path that, God-forbid, may lead to the defeat of the pure Islam of Mohammad.  We will defend to the last drop of blood to actualize the rights of the poor in human societies.

Today, the world is thirsty for the culture of the pure Islam of Mohammad.  And Muslims will destroy the advance and the splendor of White Houses and Red Palaces in a great Islamic organization.  Today, Khomeini has opened his bosom for the arrows of calamity and difficult events and against all canons and missiles of the enemy and like all lovers of martyrdom, counts the days for achieving martyrdom.  Our battle is a battle of beliefs, and does not know geography and borders.  And in our great battle of convictions, we must mobilize the soldiers of Islam throughout the world.  God willing, the great nation of Iran, with its material and spiritual support of the revolution, will exchange the difficulties of war with the sweetness of defeating the enemies of God in the world.  And what sweetness greater than that the great Iranian nation has struck upon America like a lightning strike.  What sweetness greater than that the great Iranian nation has watched the fall of the pillars and congresses of the tyrannical monarchy and broken the bottle of life of the US in this country.  And what sweetness higher than the fact that our dear people have eliminated and dried-up the roots of factionalism and nationalism.  And God willing, they will taste its eternal sweetness in the afterlife.  Not only those who went up to the station of martyrdom and injury and participation at the battlefront, but also those who – behind the front – re-enforced the frontlines with their looks of kindness and their prayers and benefitted from the grand position of the fighters and their rewards.  How lucky are the fighters! How lucky are the heirs of Hussein!

The followers of America should know that martyrdom in the path of God is not an issue that can be compared with victory or defeat at the battle field.  The position of martyrdom is itself the height of servitude and journeying through the realm of spirituality.  We must not bring martyrdom so low as to say that we only liberated Khoramshahr and other cities in return for the martyrdom of the children of Islam.  All of these are the expired fantasies of nationalists.  Our aims are higher than that.  The nationalists imagined that our goal is to achieve international Islamic goals in the world of poverty and hunger.  We say that as long as there is sin and blasphemy, there is a struggle.  And as long as there is a struggle, we remain.  We don’t have an argument over cities and countries with anybody.  We plan to wave the flag of La Alah Ela Allah [There is no God but Allah] on the lofty summits of dignity and grandeur.  So, my children in the military, the Sepah (IRGC), and the Basij, and you forces of the people, never express the loss of a position with sadness, nor gaining a place with happiness and pride, because these things are so little compared with your goals, that the comparison is like that of this world and the next.

Our fathers and mothers and spouses and families of martyrs, prisoners of war, the missing, and the disabled should keep in mind that nothing has been detracted from what they have achieved.

Your children are next to the beloved Prophet and the pure Imams.  Victory and defeat makes no difference to them.

Today is the day for guiding future generations.  Fasten your seatbelts that nothing has changed.  This is the day that God wanted this way.  And yesterday, God wanted it that way.  And tomorrow, God willing, will be the day of victory of the soldiers of Truth.  But, whatever is the desire of God, we are obedient.  And we are obedient to the authority of God.  And because of this reason, we seek martyrdom.  And it is only because of this that we do not go under the abjection and servitude of anything but God.  Of course, for carrying out our responsibilities, we all are required to do the jobs and affairs related to ourselves in the best possible manner and with care and sensitivity.  Everybody knows that we did not start the war.  For protecting the existence of Islam, we only defended ourselves.  And it is the persecuted Iranian nation that has consistently been attacked by the devouring powers of the world.  And the Arrogance has attacked us from all of its political, military, cultural and economic lairs.  Our Islamic revolution has already exposed the lair of Satan and the traps of predators to other nations.  The world devouring powers and capitalists and their affiliates expect us to sit back and watch the breaking of the spring buds and the falling of the innocent into wells and do not give any warnings?  Whereas it is our primary responsibility and our Islamic revolution’s responsibility to roar throughout the world that “Oh, sleepers! Oh you unaware! Wake up and look around yourselves that you are living along the lairs of the wolf.  Wake up that this is not the place to sleep, and they will not leave you alone until your complete annihilation.”  Truly, if the international mobilization of Muslims had taken place, would anyone dare to be so audacious and evil with the spiritual children of the Prophet of Allah (PBUH)?

Today, one of the great honors of our nation is that it has assembled against the greatest show of force and formation of American and European warships in the Persian Gulf.  And I warn the American and European forces to leave the Persian Gulf before it’s too late and you have not sunk into the quicksand of death.  And it will not always be that our commercial airliners will be destroyed by your warships; that it is possible that the children of the revolution will throw your warships out of the Persian Gulf.

To the governments and regimes in the region, specially to Arabia and Kuwait, I say that all of you will be partners in crime in all the misadventures and crimes of America.  And up to now, we have not taken any action so the whole region is not engulfed in fire and blood and instability.  But the deranged actions of Reagan will certainly impose unexpected incidences and dangerous consequences for everyone.  You can be sure that in this new page, you are losers.

Do not make yourselves and your Islamic country and people so weak and little in front of the US.  If you have no religion, at least live freely.

Praise to Allah, from the blessings of the Islamic revolution of Iran, the doors of light and hope have opened to all Muslims around the world; and it moves forward such that the thunder and lightning of its events, rain down death and destruction over Arrogance.

An important point that we all should pay attention to – and place it as the principle and basis of our policies with foreigners – is that our enemies and world devouring powers will tolerate us until when, and up to what point, and will accept our freedom and independence up to which limits.  Certainly they know no limits except for deviation from all our identities and spiritual and divine values.  As the benevolent Quran says, “they will never stop fighting and hating you unless they turn you away from your religion”.  Whether we want it or not, the Zionists and the US and USSR will chase us to stain our religious identity and our doctrinal honor.  Some defamers describe us as instigators of the policy of hatred and enmity in international gatherings and celebrate in libeling us.  And with inappropriate sympathies and childish objections say that the Islamic Republic has caused enmities and has fallen in esteem in the eyes of the West and East and their servants! And how great to respond to this question that “when have the nations of the third world and Muslims, and specially the nation of Iran, have had any respect and prestige from westerners and easterners that today they should have lost their prestige!”

Yes, if the Iranian nation deviates from all its Islamic and religious principles and standards, and destroys the house of glory and esteem of the Prophet and the pure Imams (PBUT) with its own hands, then it is possible that the world devouring powers will recognize it officially – as a weak and impoverished and uncultured nation; but as long as they remain the ‘Sir’ and we remain the ‘boy’; they remain superpowers and we weak; they remain the wardens and the guardians, and we remain ration-takers and protectors of their interests; not an Iran with an Iranian-Islamic identity; but an Iran whose birth certificate is issued by the US and USSR; an Iran that pulls the carriage of the policies of America or the Soviet Union, and today all the calamity and mourning of the US and USSR, East and West, is that not only has the Iranian nation left their patronage, but that it is inviting others to exit the domination of oppressors.  The control and elimination of destructive weapons from the world – if it was accompanied in reality and honesty – would be the desire of all nations, but this, too, is an old trick.  And this is the same thing that recently has become apparent from the statements of leaders of the US and USSR and the writings of their politicians; that the recent pacts of the leaders of the East and West are to more fully neutralize the third world and, in reality, it’s meant to prevent the influence of the barefoot and the destitute in the world of the limitless possession by the capitalists.  We must prepare ourselves to form a powerful Islamic-Humane front with the same characteristics of our revolution against the united front of the East and West; and the superiority and mastery of the destitute and barefoot of the earth will be celebrated.  Be assured that the powers of the East and West are those same empty manifestations of the material world that are not even mentionable in front of the immortality and eternity of spiritual values.

I announce explicitly that the Islamic Republic of Iran will invest with all its might in realizing the Islamic identity of Muslims throughout the world.  And there is no reason to not invite the Muslims of the world to follow the principles of acquiring power in the world and to not prevent the greed and covetousness of the holders of power and money and trickery.  We must plan for the advancement of the goals and interests of the oppressed Iranian nation.  We must try to connect with the people of the world and solve the problems and issues of Muslims and support the resistance fighters and the hungry and the oppressed with all our being.  And we must consider this to be one of the principles of our foreign policy.  We announce that the Islamic Republic of Iran is forever the supporter and shelter of the free Muslims of the world.  And Iran, as a military and an indestructible fortress, will provide for the needs of the soldiers of Islam and will introduce them to the ideological and educational fundamentals of Islam and will also introduce them to the methods and principles of struggle against systems of sin and blasphemy.

But regarding the acceptance of the Resolution [598 for ceasefire in the Iran-Iraq War] that has truly been a very bitter and unpleasant issue for everyone and specially for me, it is that until a few days before, I believed in that same path of defense and the announced positions regarding the war and saw the interest of the system and the country and the revolution in implementing them; but, because of events and factors which I will, for now, not mention, and God willing will become clear in the future, and in consideration of the highest level political and military experts in the country, whose commitment and compassion I firmly believe in, I agreed to the acceptance of the Resolution and cease fire; and at the present point in time see it as beneficial to the revolution and the system.  And God knows that if the will did not exist that all of us and all our prestige and honor must be sacrificed in the path of the interest of Islam and Muslims, I would never have accepted this action and death, and martyrdom would have been more pleasant for me.  But what is the alternative except that we all should submit to the satisfaction of the Sublime Truth.  And for sure, the heroic and brave Iranian nation has also been like this and will be.

I extend my appreciation and thanks right here to all of my dear children who, from the beginning of the war up to today, have labored and endeavored in some way connected to the war in the battlefronts of fire and blood.  And invite all the Iranian nation to awareness and patience and resistance.  In the future, it’s possible that some individuals – consciously or by ignorance –  may raise this point among the people that “what was the result of the blood and martyrdoms and sacrifices?”  They are certainly unaware of the unseen realms and the philosophy of martyrdom and don’t know that he who has gone to jihad only for the satisfaction of God and has submitted in sincerity and servitude, the events of history do not damage his eternity and existence and lofty position.  And for a complete understanding of the values and path of our martyrs, we must navigate a long distance, and search for them in the passage of time and the history of the revolution and its future generations.  It is obvious that the blood of martyrs has insured the revolution and Islam.  The blood of martyrs has given a lesson of resistance to the people of the world for eternity.  And God knows that the way of the martyrs can never be extinguished.  And it is the nations and the future generations that will follow the path of the martyrs.  And it is this same pure soil of martyrs that will be the sepulcher of lovers and mystics and the compassionate and the healing-place of the truly free until Judgment Day.  How lucky are those that went the way of martyrdom!  How fortunate are those who gave their lives and heads in this convoy of light!  How fortunate are those who protected and reared these jewels in their laps!

O God, may you keep this notebook and book of martyrdom always open to the aspirants, and do not keep us from attaining it.  O God, our country and our nation is still at the beginning of the struggle and needs the flames of martyrdom; You Yourself protect this blazing light.  How lucky you are, nation!  How lucky you men and women are!  How lucky the disabled and the prisoners of war and the missing and the venerable families of the martyrs! And how unlucky for me that I am still here and have drank from the poisonous chalice of the Resolution, and feel shame in front of the magnificence and sacrifice of this great nation.

And how unfortunate for those who were not in this convoy!  How unlucky for those who passed by this grand battlefield of war and martyrdom and the magnificent divine test and have up to now been silent or indifferent, or critical and aggressive!

Yes, yesterday was the day of divine test that passed.  And tomorrow there will be another test that will come up.  And all of us, too, will have a bigger Day of reckoning ahead of us.  Those who in these years of struggle, for any reason, have evaded this great obligation and distanced themselves and their lives and properties and children and others from the fire of events, can rest assured that they have deviated from this pact with God, and have incurred a great loss and damage and harm which they will regret in the coming Day and the reckoning of the Truth.  Which again I submit to the people and officials to consider these kinds of individuals differently than the soldiers on the path of God; and do not allow these artless pretenders of today and the shortsighted claimants of yesterday return to the stages.

Whether I am among you or not, I recommend and instruct you to not allow the revolution to fall in the hands of the unworthy and the unfamiliar [na mahraman].  Do not allow the veterans of martyrdom and blood to be forgotten in the ups and downs of everyday life.  I strictly instruct the dear Iranian nation to be aware and watchful, acceptance of the Resolution by the Islamic Republic of Iran does not mean the resolution of the issue of the war.  By announcing this decision, the weapons of the world devourers against us have become blunt; but one cannot predict the long-term outcome of events in a serious and final way.  And the enemy has still not stopped its wickedness; and it is likely they will continue with their same belligerent ways with new excuses.  And we must be prepared and ready to neutralize the potential assault of the enemy.

And our people also must not see the issue as finished for now.  Of course we are officially announcing that our aim is not a new tactic in continuing the war.  It may even be likely that the enemies will use these same excuses to continue their attacks.  Our military forces must never be negligent of the ploys and tricks of the enemies.  And under all circumstances, the defense posture of the country must be in the best condition.  Our people, who over the years of war and struggle, have felt the dimensions of the hatred and hostility and vendetta of the enemies of God and of themselves, must take seriously the threat of assault by the world devouring powers in different formats and ways.  And for now, just as before, all the military – including the army and Sepah (IRGC) and Basij – should continue their missions at the battlefronts for defense against the mischief of the Arrogance and of Iraq.  In the case that we put this stage of the saga of the revolution with that same specific manner and related provisions behind us, I have some remarks for afterwards and building the nation and the general policies of the system and the revolution which I will state at the appropriate time.  But at the present time, I seriously ask all spokesmen and officials and those involved and the media and press directors to distance themselves from the sensationalism and causing sensations; and be vigilant that, God forbid, they do not become the tools of extreme thoughts and ideas; and by tolerating such things are not benefitting the enemy.

These days it’s possible that many people, because of their emotions and sentiments, may speak of ‘why’s and ‘must’s and ‘must not’s.  Although this point, in itself, is a very beautiful value, right now is not the time to attend to them.  It is likely that those who, until yesterday, were standing up against this system and only for the crash of the system and the regime of the Islamic republic of Iran apparently spoke of peace and peace-seeking, today also with those same intentions will bring up other deceptive topics; and the lackeys of Arrogance, those same ones that until yesterday – hiding behind the deceitful mask of peace – had stabbed the nation from the back with their daggers, today will advocate for war.  And the uncultured nationalists will initiate their poisoned propaganda for destroying the blood of the beloved martyrs and annihilating the honor and pride of the people.  Which, God willing, our beloved nation will answer all seditions with foresight and astuteness.

I say again that accepting this issue for me is more deadly than poison; but I am satisfied with God’s satisfaction and for His satisfaction, drank from this chalice.  And the point that needs to be made is that in accepting this Resolution, only the officials of the country of Iran made the decision by themselves.  And nobody and no country interfered in this matter.

The beloved and honorable people of Iran, I see each one of you as my own children.  And you know that I love you; and I know you; and you know me.  In the present situation, what caused this action was my divine obligation.  You know that I had made a pact with you to fight to the last breath and the last drop of blood; But today’s decision was only based on assessing [our] interests; and only in the hope of His mercy and satisfaction have I given up everything that I said; and if I had any pride, I have made a transaction with God.  My dears, you know that I have tried to not privilege my own comfort over the satisfaction of the Truth and your comforts.  O God, You know that we do not have the mind to compromise with blasphemy.

O God, You know that the devouring US and Arrogance have ripped the pedals off flowers of your Mission’s flowers.  O God, in this world of oppression and tyranny and injustice, our only support is You, and we are all alone and know no one but You and have never wanted to know anyone but You.  Assist us, that You are the best assistant.  O God, compensate the bitterness of these days with the sweetness of the return of the Hidden Imam and the return to Yourself.

My revolutionary children, you who are not willing for a second to leave your divine pride, you should know that every second of my life passes on the path of your divine love.

I know that it is difficult for you; but is it not difficult for your old father? I know that martyrdom is sweeter than honey for you; is it not this way for this servant of yours?  But persevere because God is with the patient.  Keep your revolutionary hatred and spite in your breasts; look onto your enemies with anger and rage; and know that victory is yours.  And, I emphasize, do not think that I am not aware of the matters of the war and the officials.  The officials are trusted by me.  Do not rebuke them over the choice they’ve made, that for them too, this suggestion was difficult and unpleasant.  And God willing, God will call upon us all to successfully serve and please Him.

I instruct our young people right here – these resources and grand divine reservoirs, and these fragrant and newly blossomed flowers of the world of Islam – to appreciate the value and price of the sweet moments of your lives; and prepare yourselves for a great theoretical and practical struggle until achieving the grand goals of the Islamic revolution.

And I instruct all officials and those involved to provide – in any way possible – the tools for the ethical, ideological, scientific, and artistic advancement of the youth,  and to accompany them to the frontiers of attaining the best values and innovations; and maintain the spirit of independence and self-reliance.   Lest teachers and professors – by interacting and travelling to the co-called civilized world – belittle and reproach our youth who have just recently escaped captivity and colonization and, God forbid, build idols from the progress and talents of foreigners and inject a spirit of conformity and imitation and mendicancy in the subconscious of the youth.  Instead of saying ‘look at where are others and look at where we are’, pay attention to their own human identity, and to keep alive the spirit of strength and the path of independence.  In the condition of war and blockade, we have been able to have all that creativity and advances and innovations.  God willing, in better circumstances, we will provide for having the sufficient basis for the growth of talents and inquiries in all affairs.  Scientific struggle is keeping alive for the youth the spirit of searching and discovery of truths and realities.  But their scientific [or theoretical] struggle has been shaped in the best stages of life and jihad and martyrdom.

And the other point that I mention – from the depth of my fondness and devotion for the youth – is to utilize the presence of the clergy and the committed scholars of Islam on the path of values and spirituality; and never, and under any circumstances, think of yourselves as independent from their guidance and assistance.  The combatant and committed clerics have – throughout history and in the most difficult conditions – always continued to teach and guide and educate the generations with hearts full of hope, and overflowing with love and kindness and were always the vanguard and the shield against evil for the people; and they have gone to the gallows and tasted hardship; they’ve been to prisons and have seen captivity and exile; and greater than all, were the targets of accusations and taunts; and in conditions when many intellectuals had reached desperation and hopelessness in the struggle with the monarchy, they returned the spirit of life and hope to the people and defended the true dignity and prestige of the people; and right now also, from every trench at the frontlines of the battlefield to other areas, they stand by the people; and in every tragic and sorrowful event, they have presented honorable martyrs.

We know of no other country and revolution but the revolution of the Prophet’s calling and mission, and the lives of the Holy Imams (PBUT), and the Islamic revolution of Iran, where the leaders of the revolution become such targets for hatred and attacks.  And this is because of the integrity and trustworthiness that shines in the being of the committed clergy of Islam.  Taking responsibility in a country that is faced with blockades and economic and political and military problems is a difficult task.  Of course, our committed clerics must prepare themselves for greater sacrifices; and in the necessary and emergency situations, to utilize their prestige and dignity for safeguarding the dignity of Islam and for service to the destitute and the barefoot.  And it is appropriate to express much gratitude and appreciation that the brave and courageous Iranian nation recognized the value of its true servants, and summarizes its philosophy of love and devotion to this divine institution in one word.  The committed clerics and scholars of Islam have never betrayed – and will never betray – the Islamic ideals and the honor and beliefs and goals of the nation.  Of course, it is necessary to mention this point that, in all writings and speeches, whenever I have spoken of the “clergy” and thanked them, I meant the pure, committed, and combatant clerics; which in any group exists the impure and the non-committed.  And the harm caused by clerics attached [to outside powers] is greater than any other impure individual.  And this group of clerics has always been subject to the curse and damnation of God and the Prophet and the people; and the major strikes against this revolution have been and continue to be inflicted by attached [to outside powers] clergy, the falsely pious, and traitors to the religion.  And our committed clerics have always despised and evaded these uncultivated people.  I say it explicitly, if the nationalists were in charge, they would easily extend a hand of compromise and defeat to the enemy during difficulties and hardships and impasses; and, in order to save themselves from daily political pressures, they would have broken the vases of patience and resistance all at once, and would have turned their backs on all their nationalistic pretensions and promises and pacts.  No one should imagine that we don’t know the way of compromise with the world devouring powers.  But lo, oh Lord, that the servants of Islam should betray their own nation!  Of course, we are sure that those who have a long-standing hatred against the true clergy and cannot hide their jealousy, will direct a barrage of profanity towards them.   But in any event, that which does not exist in the destiny of the true cleric is compromise and surrendering to sin and blasphemy.  If they tear up all our bones, if they place our heads at the gallows, if they burn us alive in the flames of fire, if they plunder and capture our wives and children and being in front of our eyes, we will never sign the peace treaty of sin and blasphemy.

The clergy and scholars are, God willing, familiar with all aspects and sides of their responsibilities, but as a reminder and emphasis, I submit to you that many of the youth and thinkers feel that they can express their opinions regarding various Islamic topics and issues in the free atmosphere of our Islamic country; listen to their words with accepting hearts and open arms. And if they veer off the path, show them the true path of Islam with words full of friendship and kindness.  And you must pay attention to this point that we cannot ignore their spiritual and mystical feelings and emotions and immediately label their writings as “eclectic” or “deviant” and throw everyone all at once in the valley of fear and doubt.  Those who bring up these issues today, certainly their hearts beat for Islam and the guidance of Muslims. Otherwise, they have no reason to cause themselves trouble by bringing up these issues.  They believe that the positions of Islam, in different topics, is the same way as their beliefs.  Instead of denouncing and setting them aside, treat them affectionately and paternally.  Even if they don’t accept, don’t lose hope.  Otherwise, God forbid, they will fall prey to liberals and nationalists or the Left or the Monafeghin [e.g. the MEK]; and the sin of this is no less than that of “eclecticism”.  We can be hopeful of the future of the country and the future-makers when we value them in various issues, and forgive their small mistakes, and be knowledgeable of all the methods and principle that lead to their correct education and upbringing.  The culture of universities and non-seminary centers is in a way that is more used to experience and sensing the realities, rather than a philosophical or theoretical culture.  By merging these two cultures and reducing distances, the seminary and university must melt into each other so the field for expanding and spreading the teachings of Islam is enhanced.

And the other point is that, I see the majority of the clergy and their influence in Islamic societies in their practical values and piety.  And today also, this value must not be neglected, but in fact, it must be emphasized more than ever.  Nothing is worst than the worldliness of the clergy.  And nothing can contaminate the clergy more than worldliness.  How likely that ignorant friends or informed enemies would want to make them deviate from the paths of piety with inappropriate compassion; and some people, too, deviously or in ignorance, accuse the clergy of supporting capitalism or capitalists.  In these sensitive and fateful times when the clergy is at the helm of the country’s affairs, and it’s possible to imagine the danger of others taking advantage of the position of the clergy, they must be extremely careful of their actions.  That it is likely that individuals from political organizations and groups different than them – with a 100 percent Islamic appearance – may want to harm their dignity and prestige; and even, in addition to providing for their own interests, to pit the clergy against itself.  Of course, that thing which the clergy must never deviate from, and must not leave the field by others’ propaganda, is supporting the destitute and the barefoot.  Because whoever deviates from that has deviated from the social justice of Islam.  We must, in all circumstances, see ourselves as the keepers of this great responsibility.  And if we have shortcomings in actualizing this, we have betrayed Islam and Muslims.

In finishing, I thank the divine seat of the Creator, who has given freely His eternal kindness to the Iranian nation.  From the divine presence of the Hidden Imam, we ask in desperation to help us on our way and to guide us.  May the Supreme God bestow patience and bounties upon the families of martyrs; and heal the injured and the disabled; and to return the prisoners of war and the missing to their country.  O God, we ask you to bestow upon us that which is to the benefit of Islam and Muslims.  Anak gharib o mojib. Wa al-salam alaikum wa rahmat allah wa barakatoh.

29/4/67 [7/20/1988]
Rouhallah al-Mousavi al-Khomeini

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