Message to Bagher Sadr

Message [To Mr. Sayyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr regarding the actions of the government of Iraq] 

Time: 24 Khordad 1358 / 15 June 1979

Location: Qom

Topic: Action of the Iraqi government of Iraq towards clergy and violation of the Iranian border.

Addressee: Sadr, Sayyed Mohammad Bagher


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

The honorable Ayatollah Mr. Haj Sayyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr – Najaf


The recent events – one after the other – are cause for sorrow.  It was not expected that you – a scholarly and Islamic luminary – should be treated in this manner.  Just as it was not and is not expected that Iraqi government officials behave at the borders in a manner that is contrary to virtuous co-existence.  The Iranian nation which, with its Islamic movement, hopes to cut the hands of foreigners from the collective Islamic countries and return their independence, expects – in the same way that nations agree with and are supportive of Iran’s grand Islamic movement – that governments are also supportive of it.  The noble Najaf Seminary, which is at the service of Islam and Muslims, and throughout history has been the protector of not only Iraqi independence but also that of other Islamic countries, does not expect to be insulted, and one of its most respected elders be attacked. 

I recommend the Iraqi government safeguard this solid fortress that has been the protector of the interests and existence of the country.  This was a recommendation that I made in the past to the deposed Shah and the government of Iran.  I ask the Sublime God for the honor of Islam and the independence of Islamic countries.  Wa al-Salam Alaykum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatoh.


Rouhallah al-Mousavi Al-Khomeini 

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