Forbidding Baha’i Employment (Ministry of Education)

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Final Verdict

Date: 1/5/87 [7/22/2008]                                                 Verdict Number: 6035

Employee Number: 16368822

On 1/5/87 [7/22/2008], the meeting of Branch #1 of the Appeals Board for Reviewing Administrative Violations was held.  In attendance were three members to review the accusation of Ms. Afagh Hosseini, daughter of Ghadam’ali, born 1321 [1942], with birth certificate number 206 issued in Karaj, possessing a diploma degree, married, official employee of category 5 with 8-years employment history, who, at the time of violation, held the organizational post of teaching in segment 3 of the county of Karaj, Tehran province, and at the moment, has an employment status and ready for service that, based on verdict number 5248 dated 11/1/87 [3/30/2008] of the initial Board Reviewing Administrative Violations of the counties of the Tehran Province, was convicted with the sentence of dismissal from the respective Ministry.

            Upon consideration of the available documents and evidence on file, and in consideration of the details of the case procedure, the accusation against the defendant, which is congruent with section 34 of article 8 of the Law of Review of Administrative Violations, legislated on 7/9/1372 [11/28/1993] of Parliament [Majles-e Showra-ye Eslami], was upheld.

            Therefore, the Appeals Board confirms the verdict of the initial Board with a majority vote.

            This decision is final.  In case of a complaint, the sentenced individual may appeal to the Court of Administrative Justice by a maximum of one month from the date of the verdict.

Case Procedure:

With the complaint of [Mr.] Mashareliah to the decision of the initial Board, which was issued regarding membership in the subversive sect of Baha’ism, his file was submitted to this branch to be considered for appeal.  In his appeal, he has written: that his hiring was in the year 50 and 51 [1971 and 1972], and starting from 11/12/59 [3/2/1981], he became available for work, but up until now he has received neither his salary as an eligible employee nor is his status clear.  In continuation of his appeals letter, he requests a fair review of his case.

            The Appeals Board, after reviewing the case files, including the report on his affiliation with the subversive sect of Baha’ism (pg. 1) and an absence of objection to the accusation against him in the initial defense (pg. 24), and the content of the appeal, invited Mashareliha to participate in the Appeals Board meeting held on 29/4/87 [7/29/1999] and present the necessary explanations.  He appeared at the indicated meeting, and requested a new review of the file while expressing remaining affiliation with the indicated sect.  In consideration of the indicated evidence, the Board upheld his violation, and in accordance with article 21 of the executive bylaw of the Law and the destructive effects of this violation for society, cast the decision as described above.  The issued decision must be implemented starting from the date of the verdict in accordance with article 4 of the Law.


Hamid Reza Salehabadi                        Khalil Shirvani            Mohammad Ali Sarsalari

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