Decree to Disband the Islamic Republic Party (June 1, 1987)

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To the attention of the blessed Source of Emulation and the grand leader of the Revolution

The honorable Imam Khomeini,

As the dear leader is aware, the formation of the “Islamic Republic Party” by its founding board, in consultation with that Supreme Eminence [e.g Ayatollah Khomeini], took place during conditions that required an organization to face the variety of problems in the beginning of the Revolution.  The necessity for unity and discipline of conscious and pious forces, the expansion of revolutionary awareness, and training of active and effective cadres for managing the country and neutralizing the conspiracies of groups and agents of foreign enemies and domestic anti-revolutionaries was acutely felt.  This party – as much as it could – spared no efforts during the past years to stabilize the system of the Islamic Republic, and to carry upon its shoulders the great responsibilities that it felt; and in the heat of conspiracies from left and right, and by the sacrifice and by presenting martyrs, some of whom are major and unforgettable figures of the Revolution, including the martyrs of the 7th of Tir, took off the mask of dissension [nefagh], and displayed the purity and righteousness of the line of Imam.  During the length of the imposed war, the Islamic Republic Party – throughout the country – acted upon its Islamic duty to mobilize the people, and actively participated in the battlefields of light, and a number of cadres and their members achieved the glory of martyrdom in this holy Jihad.  The devotion of the members of this party to Islam, and their firm belief in the Rule of Jurist [Velayat-e Faqih] (which in itself is an important factor in the hatred of anti-revolutionaries) made it necessary to fine-tune the actions of that party and establish its policies – in different stages and junctures of the Revolution – by attaining guidance from that Supreme Eminence.


Today, by the grace of God, the foundations of the Islamic Republic have been secured, and the level of awareness and political perception of the majority of the people has made the revolution invulnerable from a number of perspectives, and the enlightenment and trust and willpower of that distinguished leader, and the sacrifice and preparation of the people of Hezb Allah, have made the conspiracies of the domestic anti-revolutionaries and the world Arrogance ineffective and a low risk.  Therefore, it is felt that the existence of the party no longer has the benefits and usefulness of the start of the work, and quite the opposite, it is possible that in the present situation, party politics may cause excuses for creating disagreements and partisanship, and harm the unity and solidarity of the nation, and even pit various forces against one another to neutralize each other.  Therefore, as it has been repeatedly stated in the past, the central council, after comprehensive and complete discussion and review, came to this conclusion with a decisive majority that it is in the current interest of the Revolution to close down the Islamic Republic Party and to suspend its activities.

These details are stated to inform and receive guidance from your Excellency.

Wa Alamar Alaykum Wa Adam Allah Beghaykum al-Sharif

Sayyed Ali Khamenei – Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani


In the name of the Sublime,

The Excellencies Hojjat al-Islam Mister Khamenei and Mister Hashemi,

It is agreed.  It is necessary for me to remind that the honorable gentlemen, the distinguished founders of the party, are favorites of mine.  I hope all of you – together and in solidarity – will be diligent in advancing the higher goals of Islam and the Islamic Republic at this sensitive juncture.  Likewise, I remind that insulting any Muslim – be it a member of the party or not – is against Islam, and creating divisions at this time would be considered a great sin. 

Wa al-Salam Alaykuma wa Rahmat Allah

11 Khordad 66 / 1 June 1987

Rouhallah al-Mousavi al-Khomeini 

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